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Older Couple Paying Bills Does Romanelli & Son make more profit during sudden price changes?
No. When world oil prices rise, it doesn't mean we get a bigger share of it. It's similar to when orange juice prices go up because of an early frost. The local grocery doesn't make the extra money.

Do you wait to deliver until prices are highest?
It's tempting to think that, especially if you've just gotten a high-priced delivery. But remember, we can't tell what will happen to wholesale prices from week to week. Reputable dealers base deliveries on customer needs and the most efficient truck routes.

How can companies in the same area charge very different prices?
Heating oil is a very competitive business. At any time, you may find people who are priced either higher or lower than we are. The difference depends upon:
  • The quality of the fuel and certainty of supply.
  • The quality of service provided.
  • The payment terms, delivery options and equipment repair services offered.
Chances are you've seen discount companies' ads touting low-price fuel oil. The prices are appealing ... but don't be misled! With a discount company, you're forced to deal with a third-party service provider who will probably charge inflated prices for repairs. And they don't feature benefits like automatic delivery, budget plans and a secure supply of fuel oil.

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