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Energy Star® Conserves Fuel and Saves Money

When you heat with oil, you're doing something good for the inside of your home and the outside environment as well. What you may not realize is just how big a difference each one of us can make.
As an Oilheat customer, you can cut your costs and keep Long Island beautiful when you upgrade or replace your old home comfort equipment with products that have received the Energy Star® rating.

Energy Star Facts:
  • If just 1-in-10 households bought Energy Star® equipment, over 17 billion pounds of pollution would be removed from the air.
  • Just one Energy Star labeled home keeps 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air each year.
  • Last year alone, Americans, with the help of Energy Star®, saved about $16 billion on their energy bills. Energy efficiency pays. In fact, you can reduce your energy bill by about 30% when you purchase energy efficient products - a potential savings of hundreds of dollars each year.
For more information on how you can cut consumption and cost, click here or give a Romanelli & Son representative a call at 631-956-1201. We'll be happy to help you choose equipment that reduces your energy use, improves your system's overall performance ... and improves Long Island's air quality!

As much as half the energy you use goes to cool and heat your home, so why burn money - literally - when you can upgrade to Energy Star®-rated equipment?

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