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Financing Makes Energy Savings More Affordable:

Upgrade and Enjoy Huge Savings!
You can save money by the bushel by upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system. If your current system is old or your home is large, a new system could pay for itself in less time than you think. Once you’ve recovered your investment, the savings will just keep coming and coming, year after year!

How Do I Upgrade?
Begin by calling us at 631-956-1201. Our energy efficiency experts can examine your usage, evaluate your current system, and discuss your choices in new equipment.

Expertise Second to None
Equipment is only as good as the people who install it. At Romanelli & Son, we have the best installers on Long Island. We invest a lot in their training because we know the value of advanced expertise when it comes to home heating. Today’s best equipment is sophisticated, drawing on a variety of advanced technologies, and only the best-trained installers are qualified to handle it.

The Benefits Keep Piling Up
In addition to the cost savings, you’ll experience these benefits with an equipment upgrade.
  • Increased Home Value. Conservation is on everyone’s minds these days, and high-efficiency equipment is an excellent selling point.
  • More hot water. With the right equipment, you can generate a seemingly endless supply of hot water. Plus, Oilheat's high BTU content makes faster hot water.
  • A more compact design. Today's units are often one-third the size of their ancestors.
  • Fewer service calls. Middle-of-the-night breakdowns are virtually eliminated.
  • Cleaner burning, so it's better for the environment.
  • Whisper-quiet operation. Say goodbye to that old, clanky system.

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