Oil Heat Benefits

Oilheat is hands down the best fuel for home heating. It typically is more affordable than the alternatives. It provides a hotter flame that delivers better comfort. And when you use Oilheat, you don’t contribute to the destructive methane emissions that occur with utility gas.

Romanelli Energy adds value to this great fuel with our full range of expert services: energy conservation advice, repairs and installation, automatic delivery, price protection, budget plans, emergency service and much more.

Oilheat Advantages

Oilheat is economical: Oilheat has been a better value than gas heat in New York for the majority of the past 20 years.

Oilheat is more efficient: On average, it’s 16% more efficient than gas, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Oilheat means more hot water: Oil-fired hot water heaters make faster, cheaper, hotter hot water than gas or electric.

Oilheat is safe: Nothing beats the safety record of Oilheat. Fuel oil is not explosive, and inhalation of fuel oil fumes is not lethal. What’s more, if you have a system malfunction, an oil-heating system will give you tell-tale signs such as smoke, odors or even soot before releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Gas heating systems give you no warning of CO production or release.

Oilheat is clean: In fact, heating oil burns so cleanly that its emissions aren’t even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act.

Oilheat is comfortable: Heating oil produces the hottest flame of any home heating fuel, heating your home faster, with less fuel, and keeping your home at the temperature you want.

Oilheat billing is easy to understand: Heating oil usage is measured in gallons, something we are all familiar with. You know what you’re getting. Gas heat usage is measured in “therms,” a measurement that few people understand. Gas heat bills also contain a variety of mysterious and incomprehensible add-ons such as gas-cost adjustments and weather-adjustment clauses, which actually increase gas rates when the weather is warmer. Oil bills are simple, straightforward and easy to understand without any gimmicks.

Oilheat is dependable: You can count on plenty of fuel from both the U.S. Government and Romanelli Energy. The United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve has a capacity of 727 million barrels – the world’s largest emergency oil stockpile. Additionally, here at Romanelli Energy, we also have our own storage facility – which allows us to buy oil in bulk when prices are lowest. That means not only do we have an adequate supply, but we can pass our savings on to you.

Oilheat means personal service: We’re proud to know our customers – and their heating systems – personally. (You’ll never get that with the big gas utility!)

There you have it. Some very good, solid reasons to both choose Oilheat and stay with Oilheat. It’s still the best choice for you, your pocketbook … and for Long Island.