Payment Plans

At Romanelli Energy, we have payment plans to meet all our customers’ needs.

You may pay for your fuel 30 days net after you receive your delivery … or you may take advantage of our convenient Budget Plan. We accept cash, checks and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

Budget Plan

Don’t let Mother Nature make your budget decisions for you. Romanelli Energy’s Budget Plan takes your yearly energy cost and divides it into 12 monthly payments (from June through May). If your account has a credit balance remaining at the end of the budget season, we roll it into your account for the next budget season.

The Budget Plan is a great way to divide and conquer your finances – and, of course, no matter what happens weather-wise or otherwise, you’ll have the peace of mind and convenience of knowing exactly what you’ll pay every month.

Pay Online

You can easily pay your bills online using a credit card. Click here to make a payment now.

We proudly accept:

Discover, Visa, Master Card

Price Protection

Many of our customers have benefited from lower bills through our price protection programs.