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What You Need to Know

In these days of fluctuating energy prices, questions about price protection come up quite frequently. And whether you're new to Romanelli & Son or have been a customer for many years, you may be wondering, "What exactly is price protection, and is it right for me?"

While we can't tell you which type of price protection program is right for your family's needs and budget, we are happy to highlight the features of each of the programs we offer:

Variable Price Agreement

Fixed Price Agreement

Capped Price Agreement

Variable (or posted) Price
Fixed (or Lock-In) Price
Ceiling Price
What it is: A variable price. We simply buy oil and deliver it to you at our variable price.

Pros: As prices drop, your price drops.

Cons: As prices rise, your price rises.
What it is: We set one fixed price for a period of time.

Pros: As prices rise, your price does not.

Cons: As prices fall, your price does not.
What it is: We set a maximum price you might pay for a period of time.

Pros: If prices rise, your price will not exceed the maximum price. If prices fall, your price will fall.

Cons: There's a cost to provide you with this type of flexibility.

Pricing is volatile and can change without notice at any time. Please call us for the most up-to-date prices.

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