Heating Oil

Romanelli Energy is an experienced Oilheat dealer. We understand the oil business, and we know how to deliver top-grade fuel on time, every time. With our automatic delivery service, you can relax and enjoy your comfortable home, knowing that Romanelli Energy has your fuel needs covered. Our experienced drivers, many of whom are longtime employees, respect your property and keep everything neat when they make a delivery.

Supply: A Romanelli Energy Advantage
Dependability is critical when it comes to fuel delivery. You need a provider that you can count on for every delivery so that you stay warm and safe all winter. Unlike many of our competitors, Romanelli Energy maintains independent storage. Our state-of-the-art distribution center can store up to 285,000 gallons of oil. So you can be sure we’ll have a constant supply of top-grade fuel oil to meet your needs … no matter how cold and long the winter is. In fact, in our 80-plus years of business we’ve never run out of oil and we’ve always been able to make deliveries to our customers.

Besides always having enough oil to serve our customers, we’re proud of the fact that our storage facility was the first to conform to Suffolk County’s strict environmental guidelines. Our facility is one of the cleanest, safest and most modern anywhere on Long Island, meeting or exceeding every EPA regulation as well as the County’s stringent Health Department Code.