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As a Romanelli & Son Oilheat customer, you've chosen a fuel that is chock full of benefits - such as cleanliness, dependability and efficiency - and an energy source on the cutting edge of new technologies.

Industry-wide, the National Oilheat Research Institute (NORI), an arm of the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), is working to develop new biofuels, flexible burners and other products.

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Some of the new developments in Oilheat technology include:
  • Two-stage furnaces
  • Combined condensing boiler/hot water heaters
  • Outdoor comfort systems
  • Oil-fired heat pumps
  • Thermo-photovoltaics
  • Advanced microprocessor-based controls
  • New efficiency standards for residential boilers
  • Biofuels
  • XTL (Anything to Liquid) fuels
  • Ultra-low sulfur Oilheat
  • Advanced synthetic fuels
Smaller ... smarter ... more efficient ... more convenient ... better! We can confidently and proudly say, "This is not your father's Oilheat!"

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