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See what customers are saying about Romanelli & Son's people, products and services:
When you are as dedicated as we are to providing the very best products and services, it's bound to make people happy. And we could not be more pleased when that happens. Thank you to all of our customers for your kind words. We'll continue to strive to make your world comfortable, safe and satisfying all year 'round.

Hello Everyone at Romanelli & Son

Just a quick thank you for the super fast oil delivery. I called on Sun 2/10, and had a full tank the next day! Erik : )

Dear Romanelli Family,

Thank you for your prompt attention to my call on July 9th. My husband has been ill for the past several weeks, so I've been a little upset, so your response was really appreciated. Your serviceman was great. Thank you again.

J.M., Hicksville, NY

Dear Romanelli Family,

I have been a long time customer of Romanelli & Son. Recently, I wanted to relocate my oil burner and I called your office about the project.

I was met the next day by Michael Bovenzi, and could not have been more pleased. Mike took the time to explain everything in great detail while making me feel at ease about the project/construction. Over a 2-week time period, Mike visited my home several times until I felt comfortable enough to go ahead with the project. He was honest and fair with pricing and was on top of the entire situation from start to finish. Marty the mechanic and his son (the guys who actually moved the burner) were excellent as well ... real professionals!

I don't usually write letters, but I was so pleased with the service, I feel compelled to let you know.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to continuing to use Romanelli & Son for many years to come.

Matthew Santarpia
Hicksville, NY


Thanks so much for all your help and patience.

Sally Mastritta

Dear Mr. M. Romanelli,

We want to thank you very much for adjusting our last delivery to the lower rate. You also lowered the rate mid season which you really did not have to as we had a contract.

It was a difficult winter for us but we would never think of changing-your service is the finest & we know you are there any hour of the day if we need you. Thanks for the coupons.

Have a wonderful summer.

Maura & Harry O'Grady

Dear Mike,

I would just like to thank you for calling me and giving me the opportunity to change my payment plan early! The coupons (another nice gesture) helped with the high price per gallon.

We have stayed with your company forever and this is why, family business takes care of its customers in hard times.

I just wanted to let you know it is very much appreciated. Keep doing the right thing, it will come back to you.

Eileen Hoftus

Dear Romanellis:

Just a quick note to tell you, once again, how pleased we are with your service.

You really do try to make life easier for your customers. It is a pleasure to do business with your company.

Enclosed is our application for automatic payment of our budget bills. That's even easier than our current method of having a recurring payment set up online with our bank.

Thanks for all you do.

All good wishes for your continued success,

Gerrie Blum & Mike Kessler

Dear Mr. Romanelli,

I feel that you should be complimented on the way you run your business. I just had to write and thank you for the three months "no payment" on the budget plan.

We both have always been satisfied with Romanelli - you, your Dad and Grandfather (it's been a long time). Since my husband passed away in April, 2008 I feel completely confident that I will be well taken care of with oil delivery and service to the burner.

I write this especially during the time of the upheaval of the price of oil, etc. Also during the economic and general dissension in our beloved U.S.A.
Very Sincerely,
Mildred E. Nolan

Dear Mr. Romanelli,

We came to Romanelli after leaving our company after 18 years. We were a good standing customer, always paid on time, but in the end they grew so big they did not care about the customer.

When the pricing started to go up I admit we did wait a little over a month to lock in with our prior company, but when we realized the prices were climbing we tried to lock in at a rate they had quoted less than two months prior or even close to it, and they would not, I guess eighteen years of on-time payments did not count for anything. I can now only thank them, as this brought us to Romanelli & Son, who has given us great service, and yes, locked us in at the rate our prior company would not (not until after we left then they wanted us back! Sorry! Too late!

We have been with your company for a couple of years now and cannot thank you enough! The compassion Romanelli has is above and beyond. Just knowing when we call, we talk to a person, a caring person. Not long after we switched to Romanelli we had a service question after-hours, not an emergency, not even sure we needed a technician to come or not, so I just left a message that someone call us the next morning. The next morning a technician was at our door, there was a problem and it was fixed. (Had this been our prior company, the local office may not have even received our after-hours message.) When our contract needed to renew and prices were high, your employee was so caring, knowing how upset I was at the high rates, he took the time and compassion to explain the situation.

In times as they are, Romanelli has shown compassion, along with great personal service. The letters we received from Romanelli through these economical hard times were encouraging, and again today we received a letter with coupons! Romanelli cares about their customers and we want to take this time to thank you, Romanelli & Son!
Thank You,
Patrick and Jean Piegari

Dear Romanelli,

Thank you so very much for the reduction in my budget plan. It was the greatest gift & could not have come at a better time as my husband has been unemployed since February with no income outside of mine.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season.
Thank you again.


Dear Mr. Romanelli,

I want to thank you for your honesty and integrity. In reviewing the monthly budget accounts due to the drop in oil prices which resulted in a large decrease in my monthly payment, you have eased a real hardship for me. Many seniors living on Social Security are not as fortunate and are locked in at the high price.

God bless you and thank you again.

Yours truly,
Elizabeth Neeb

Dear Romanelli,

What a wonderful Christmas gift in lowering my oil bill. Thanks for everything!

Jane Wilson

Dear Mr. Romanelli,

I don't think many other oil companies would drop the price of oil so radically and apparently without any prodding, as you have done.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

John R. Newman

"Thank you, Romanelli & Son and all your staff ... It is such a relief to know that your family is there for my family at any hour of the day or night."
Dear Romanelli Staff:

I am writing to thank you for your superior service. Since we have signed up with your company we have been pleased with your handling of our oil delivery and burner maintenance, but last evening you outdid yourselves with your emergency service call to my home.

We had just returned home last evening at 9:30 p.m. after visiting my father, who is in the hospital in Manhattan. Immediately upon entering my home, I noticed the house seemed steamy and the windows were moist. Upon checking the oil burner, I found it spraying water and steam in the crawl space where it is located.

After a week of high stress and anxiety over my father's condition, this almost put me over the edge, until I remembered I had a service contract with your company. I didn't believe you would get a man out to me the same evening as you promised on the phone, but in less than one hour he was there and fixed the problem.

Thank you, Romanelli & Son and all your staff who are always so pleasant and professional on the phone. It is such a relief to know that your family is there for my family at any hour of the day or night.

Christine Vanderberg

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